Car Gods dealer case study

How this dealer made an extra £11,000 profit in six months 


Now more than ever, dealers are looking at ways to increase revenue from the sale of add-on products. For Big Car World in Leicester, paint protection is a crucial part of their profit strategy.

Big Car World joined the WSG dealer network earlier this year. They wanted to offer customers a superior paint protection product which differentiated them from other local retailers and provided a platform to generate additional revenue.

In just six months, Car Gods has helped this dealer to more than double its paint protection sales and create a substantial profit. Read on to find out how.

The brief


Big Car World’s primary objective was to maximise their profitability and boost customer loyalty through the sale of paint protection. To do this, they required a high-quality product that enhanced the longevity and appearance of customers’ vehicles.

The product then needed to be integrated seamlessly within their sales process, to make it an attractive and natural addition for customers.

The solutions

Big Car World implemented a number of strategic changes within their business to promote Car Gods effectively.

These included:

  • A combination of online and offline marketing activities, using the content provided by WSG. Amongst these were a dedicated page on their website, social media content, e-brochures, banners and videos
  • Implementing a robust training programme. We provided extensive product and sales training to their management, sales and valeting teams
  • Starting discussions with the customer early in the sales process to build confidence and ease into the sale
  • Offering special promotions when purchased with a longer-term warranty

    In just six months, the dealer’s sales penetration grew from 18% to 37%.

    The three main factors for this were:

    • Luxury appeal. Car Gods is a premium product that appeals to customers looking for high-quality vehicle protection.
    • Ongoing sales support from WSG. Regular one-to-one training sessions addressed common objections and refined the dealership’s sales techniques. Setting clear objectives and actions after each meeting helped their team to maintain focus and drive results.
    • Bundling with warranty. By offering discounts when purchased alongside 12, 24 and 36 month warranties, Big Car World made the offer more attractive and cost-effective for customers. This simultaneously grew their warranty sales.

    The results

    The implementation of Car Gods has already resulted in significant financial gains for Big Car World over the last six months.

    Over a third (37%) of its customers are now purchasing the product – up from 18% with its previous providerand by the end of the year, the dealer is expecting this to grow to at least 50%.

    With an average profit per unit of £250, this increased penetration has already enabled the dealer to make an additional profit of £10,732 so far from paint protection sales alone.


    Big Car World’s successful transition to Car Gods demonstrates the impact of high-quality products, comprehensive training and strategic sales processes. By addressing previous challenges and focusing on customer satisfaction, the dealer not only increased its sales but also significantly boosted its profitability.

    “Car Gods has been a game-changer for us, and our results speak for themselves. Not only are the products and branding far superior to anything we’ve used before, WSG have also given us all the tools to promote and sell them, making it extremely easy for our team. We recommend Car Gods to any dealer that wants to maximise profits whilst providing customers with superior protection.”

    ~ Big Car World, Leicestershire

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