About WSG

The WSG story

Warranty Solutions Group Ltd (WSG) is the premier motor warranty company that’s underpinned by one main goal: to be the best and most trusted provider in the UK. 

Our vehicles play a crucial part in every day life but no matter how well we look after them, they can and do go wrong. When that happens, you’ll want an excellent warranty provider to take care of the repair costs and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

At WSG, we believe that buying and owning a vehicle should be one of life’s pleasures. And that’s why we’ve built our business around the things that really matter to you – like superior warranty coverage that does exactly what it promises, unrivalled customer care and added-value services to make motoring that little bit easier. 

Our values

Whatever the query, you’ll get our utmost care and attention.

All claims are assessed on an individual basis at our discretion,, because that’s the fairest way.

Instant repair authorisation and 48 hours claim payments are all part of the service. 

Dealers trust us

years of experience

Prestigious awards

Since WSG formed in March 2021, we’ve continued to grow at a phenomenal pace and today we’re the leading provider of extended vehicle warranties. Fuelled by quality, passion and experience, we’re on a mission to continue driving up standards for vehicle buyers and setting the benchmark for other warranty providers. WSG is also the parent company of MotorGuard Warranties, Freedom Warranty, Freedom Warranties and Warranty Professionals.

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