HGV warranty

About your HGV warranty

Don’t let expensive repairs ruin your schedules – keep your vehicles moving with an extended HGV warranty. With our outstanding warranty products for all new and used heavy goods vehicles up to 44 tonnes, we’ll help you reduce your operating costs, minimise downtime and ensure your vehicles stay on the road for longer.

What's included?

Your WSG HGV warranty includes:

  • Coverage for thousands of parts and faults
  • Fast claims service and 48 hour payments
  • Unlimited claims with no excess
  • Coverage in the UK, RoI and EU
  • Up to £350 recovery contribution on valid claims

HGV warranty levels

We offer three plan types as standard. Plan 1 is available for all used and new HGVs – and as it’s so comprehensive, it can even be used as an extension to the manufacturer’s warranty. Plans 2 and 3 are specifically designed for used heavy commercial vehicles.


New & used HGVs - 44 tonne

The UK’s best HGV warranty, covering 6,000+ parts – including many normally excluded by other providers.


Used HGVs up to 44 tonne

Plan 2 includes thousands of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts under the main systems.


Used HGVs up to 44 tonne

Plan 3 covers a wide range of
listed mechanical,
electrical and electronic components.

What's covered?

Your WSG HGV warranty covers the following components






Listed parts

Gearbox and transmission

Listed parts

Drive system

Listed parts


Listed parts

Braking system

Listed parts

Steering system

Listed parts

Cooling system

Listed parts


Listed parts

Electrical / electronic parts

Listed parts

Fuel system

Listed parts

Wheel hubs and bearings

Listed parts

Hybrid & electric vehicles

Listed parts


Listed parts

Working materials

Listed parts

Air conditioning

Listed parts

Ignition system

Listed parts

Camshaft timing belt / chains

Listed parts




In-car entertainment

Remote key fobs / key cards

Diagnosis costs

DPF / catalytic converter

Battery (exc. EVs and hybrids)

Oil seals and gaskets

Wear and tear

HGV warranty questions


What does my HGV warranty cover (and not cover)?

What's covered?

Your HGV warranty covers you for a huge range of parts and the labour times involved to repair or replace them.

Plan 1 covers around 6,000 mechanical, electrical and electronic components including many that are normally excluded by other warranty companies. Plans 2 & 3 cover a wide range of listed items.

What's not covered?

Naturally there are some parts that neither we nor any other warranty company can cover, such as service or consumable items, bodywork and trim and ancillary items. Explore our different products above for full details.


How do I make a claim?

Before you have any work carried out, you must contact our claims team on 0800 060 8610 or email us. We’ll need to provide an authorisation code to the garage for the repairs to be done.

The full claims process can be found here.

Note: We won’t be able to pay for any repairs that are carried out without our authorisation.


How do I take out a WSG HGV warranty?

You’ll need to purchase a heavy goods vehicle from one of our approved dealerships to receive or be offered a WSG warranty. If you’d like to know who your nearest dealers are, please contact us.

In most cases, your plan can then be upgraded, extended or renewed.


How do I add dual fuel engine cover?

Please speak to your dealer to add dual fuel engine cover as an optional extra. This covers you for mechanical breakdown of the engine caused by a fault in the dual fuel system conversion unit. Cover is limited to £7,000 including VAT on vehicles up to 5 tonnes and £15,000 including VAT on vehicles over 5 tonnes.

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