Bangers 4 Ben

Dukes of Warranty on Tour in Ireland

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the world of automobiles and benevolence at the Bangers 4 BEN 2023 charity event where this year is held in Ireland.


Bangers 4 Ben



Buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the world of automobiles and benevolence at the Bangers 4 BEN 2023 charity event where this year is held in Ireland.


Bangers 4 BEN 2023, an Unmissable Charity Event

Ladies and gentlemen, y’all better grab your cowboy hats, rev up your engines, and get ready for a wild ride through the world of warranties, ’cause we’re introducing you to the most rootin’-tootin’, high-flyin’, warranty-slingin’ crew this side of Hazzard County!

Introducing… “The Dukes of Warranty”! 🚗💨

Y’all remember them Duke boys, Bo and Luke, tearin’ up the roads in their trusty General Lee, right? Well, they’ve hung up their moonshine mason jars and decided to start a warranty company that’s as fast and reliable as their getaway car! With these two behind the wheel, you can bet your bottom dollar your warranty claims will be handled faster than a chase scene through the Georgia backwoods.

But that’s not all, folks! Daisy Duke, the queen of cut-off jeans and Southern sass, is the head of customer service. She’ll charm the snakes out of the bushes and make sure you’re taken care of with a smile that can outshine the Georgia sun.

So, whether your car’s got a busted radiator, the Dukes of Warranty are here to jump to the rescue. Just like their famous car, they’re always ready to jump a creek, dodge a few obstacles, and land safely on the other side with your warranty needs all sorted out.

So, buckle up, y’all, and get ready for a warranty experience that’s as wild and exciting as a day in Hazzard County. The Dukes of Warranty are on the case, and they’re gonna make sure you’re covered from hood to tailpipe!

We need as much help as possible to help get Micheal and his wife Marina over the finish line by raising as much money as we can for the the charity, so we have set up a Just Giving page where you can donate towards the amazing automotive industry charity Ben.

Please use the buttons throughout this article where you can donate and help such a worthy cause.

On a serious note… What is Bangers 4 Ben

Bangers4Ben is now celebrating its remarkable 15th year, and during this time, it has raised an astonishing sum of over £500,000 for the BEN charity, which tirelessly supports the automotive industry. What makes this event even more special is the dedicated involvement of the British Motor Show team, who have been there right from the beginning and now manage the entire affair on behalf of BEN

As we delve into the heart of this spectacular event, we unveil its essence and highlight why it’s a must-attend for automotive enthusiasts.

At Bangers 4 BEN 2023, the world of cars and compassion harmoniously collide. This extraordinary charity event serves a dual purpose: celebrating the automotive world’s wonders while raising funds for the esteemed BEN charity.

What sets Bangers 4 BEN apart from the rest? It’s the audacious combination of thrill-seeking challenges and heartfelt generosity. Participants transform ordinary cars into extraordinary works of art, embracing the event’s “banger” spirit.

The Heartwarming Benevolence of Bangers 4 BEN:

Supporting BEN’s Noble Cause

Originally conceived by Car Dealer Magazine, Bangers4Ben takes on a thrilling European adventure each year. 

Bangers 4 BEN’s primary mission is to support BEN, a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting automotive industry employees during times of need. By attending this event, you’re not only witnessing remarkable car transformations but also contributing to a noble cause.

To find out more about the Ben Automotive charity, Try the following link.


This year’s superstar drivers for WSG are:

Micheal & his wife Marina Hoey

Based in Belfast, Michael has been working in the motor trade for over 20 years. He originally worked in a number of franchised dealer groups including Citroen and Hyundai, primarily focusing on aftersales and parts department across multiple sites. He then made the switch to warranty sales 5 years ago.


Bangers4Ben: WSG’s fundraiser for Ben Support For Life – the automotive industry’s charity

  • Bangers4Ben 2023 - automotive fundraiser, 7 October 2023

You can check back here daily as we update the amount we have raised or for live updates you can use any of the links provided.



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Journeying Across Europe in Themed Vehicles

While the core essence of Bangers 4 BEN remains the celebration of cars and charity, what truly sets this event apart is its remarkable tradition of embarking on an annual European adventure. Each year, the event organisers select a new destination within Europe, adding an exciting twist to the journey.

In recent years, Bangers 4 BEN has taken participants to iconic locations such as Maranello, Monaco, the legendary F1 tracks at Spa and Silverstone, the challenging Nurburgring, and the breathtaking beauty of the Alps. These chosen destinations not only provide scenic routes but also offer a diverse range of challenges for the intrepid teams.

Past rallies

Themed Vehicle Transformations:

Participating teams at Bangers 4 BEN face a unique challenge: selecting and preparing a vehicle for the journey, all while adhering to a strict budgetary limit. The rule is simple – the chosen vehicle cannot cost more than £750. This financial constraint encourages creativity and resourcefulness, as teams seek out vehicles that can endure the demanding journey.

One of the most captivating aspects of Bangers 4 BEN is the freedom teams have to “theme” their vehicles as they see fit. Over the years, this tradition has evolved into an extraordinary spectacle of creativity. Participants have transformed their vehicles into rolling works of art, often reflecting imaginative and sometimes whimsical themes.

Covering Miles and Chasing Adventures:

Immersing Yourself in the Action

As you step into the Bangers 4 BEN 2023 arena, be prepared for an immersive experience. Witness the adrenaline-pumping challenges, the roar of engines, and the camaraderie among participants, all in the name of charity.

This year’s madcap rally is taking place from Saturday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 10 and some 2000 miles will be covered over the four days.

It’ll take in gorgeous Irish landscapes, including the Wicklow Mountains, Sally Gap, Waterford Copper Coast, the Ring of Kerry, plus the Wild Atlantic Way.

Day 1 – Saturday, October 7 – Dublin to Wicklow to Waterford

Our adventure begins in the vibrant city of Dublin. Where we start our thrilling drive along the serpentine roads of the Wicklow Mountains, with their breathtaking vistas. Our journey will lead our team to the charming town of Wicklow, where we rendezvous with the coastal road, offering stunning views of the Irish coast. The first nights stay awaits in Waterford, renowned as the home of exquisite crystal glassware.

Day 2 – Sunday, October 8 – Waterford – Killarney

Starting the day with a Guinness free breakfast we will be setting off once more along the enchanting coastal route, heading toward the coastal gem of Kinsale and the renowned Ring of Kerry. This day’s drive is a sensory delight, featuring panoramic views of the mighty Atlantic Ocean, distant islands, quaint mountain villages, and a treasure trove of unique eateries and watering holes. Finishing in the town of Killarney, nestled on the shores of the serene Lough Leane.

Day 3 – Monday, October 9  – Killarney – Limerick – Doolin – Galway – Dublin

Now for the longest leg of the journey. Departing from Killarney, we journey northward, passing through the vibrant city of Limerick and continuing on to the coastal beauty of Doolin, where you’ll join the legendary Wild Atlantic Way, a route boasting some of Ireland’s most breathtaking vistas. Your path will then lead you to the vibrant city of Galway before making your way back to Dublin for your final overnight stop, where you might just indulge in a pint or two of the world-famous Guinness.

Day 4 – Tuesday, October 10 – Dublin

As the sun rises over Dublin, which has earned the title of the friendliest European city on TripAdvisor. Our journey culminates with a lunchtime ferry voyage back to the UK. Notably, all the cars used in this unforgettable adventure will be auctioned later at BCA Blackbushe, with the proceeds contributing to the noble cause of BEN.

The Essential Role of The AA:

A Trusty Companion on the Road

With the invaluable support of The AA, approximately 45 daring teams set out on the mission of safely delivering their “bangers” to the chosen destination and back. Whether it’s mechanical assistance or navigating unexpected obstacles, The AA plays a crucial role in making the journey safer and more enjoyable.

Once the adventure concludes, these trusty vehicles are handed over for auction, with all proceeds generously donated to BEN, furthering its noble cause in the automotive industry.


Charitable Auction


From Bangers to Beneficence

Upon reaching their destination, the teams hand over their beloved “bangers” to be sold at auction. This is where the charity aspect of Bangers 4 BEN shines brightest. The proceeds from these auctions go directly to BEN, the benevolent fund supporting automotive industry workers and their families during times of need.


In essence, Bangers 4 BEN combines the thrill of automotive adventure with the heartwarming spirit of charity. It’s a journey that not only showcases the resilience of both vehicles and participants but also drives positive change in the lives of those touched by BEN’s invaluable assistance. Join us in celebrating this unique fusion of passion, creativity, and benevolence at Bangers 4 BEN 2023.

Rev Up Your Engines for Bangers 4 BEN 2023

Bangers 4 BEN 2023 is more than just an event; it’s an automotive extravaganza infused with compassion. With its thrilling car transformations, heartwarming support for the BEN charity, and full of entertainment, it’s a celebration of cars, community, and charity.

Please use the link below to help us raise as much money as possible for Bangers 4 Ben! 

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