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Our top tips for keeping you and your vehicle safe this summer

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Post date: June 21, 2024
It’s becoming more and more popular for us Brits to spend our summers in the UK and appreciating the fantastic places we have here. But with this comes longer driving journeys and more vehicle use, especially in warmer weather. It is extremely important to take extra care when looking after our vehicles, as well as making sure they are legal and roadworthy. With this in mind, we’ve put together our best summer motoring tips to keep your car in tip top condition during the hotter months.
Check your tyres this summer

Check your tyres

When the temperature rises, it increases the air pressure in tyres which could lead to a puncture. Always check your tyre pressures before driving long distances and ensure the level is in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation (a sticker can normally be found on the door frame).

If your tyres are overinflated, they’re likely to wear much quicker – whereas underinflated tyres increase friction and can cause premature wear.

Top up your fluids

Vehicles require certain fluids which are crucial for their functioning. Running low or out of these fluids can cause catastrophic mechanical damage, potentially leaving you exposed to repair bills that run into thousands of pounds.

Summer top tip - top up your fluids this summer

Always make sure the oil, coolant and screenwash are topped up to the correct levels and check them regularly as warmer weather can make them evaporate much quicker.

Summer top tips - keep your battery charged

Keep your battery charged

Flat batteries are one of the major causes of car breakdowns in summer as heat can drastically affect their condition. Batteries power all of the vehicle’s electrics, so keeping yours fully charged will keep your motor running – quite literally!

Long journeys are actually beneficial to your battery’s health, allowing it to recharge sufficiently as you’re driving along. Make sure to use the vehicle regularly, avoid too many short journeys and park out of direct sunlight wherever possible.

Check your brakes

When you are driving, your brakes – alongside tyres – are one of the most important components for keeping you safe. Listen out for any squeaking or grinding noises, as this will indicate an issue. Having a service carried out will flag if there are any issues that you were not aware of and put your mind at rest, especially for longer journeys.

Summer top tips - check your brakes
Summer top tips - check vehicle lights and wipers

Lights and wipers are important too

Make sure all bulbs are functioning and clean any exterior lights at least once a week to maintain good visibility. Wipers should also be checked regularly for wear and damage as smear marks on the windscreen will reduce visibility.

Prevent overheating

Vehicle overheating, can be a very stressful – and a costly – situation. Check fluid levels in your vehicle before driving and keep spare bottles of fluid in your car for emergencies. Turning the air conditioning off and opening the windows will increase the air flow within your car. And if your vehicle is stationary, switch the engine off to let it cool back down.

Summer top tips - prevent vehicle overheating
Summer top tips - EV drivers take charger

EV drivers

If you own an electric car, make sure you know exactly where the different charging points are on your route. Remember to take any charging cables you own with you, as heat can reduce the power output, causing the battery to drain much quicker.

Find a garage you can rely on

Ahead of your summer getaway ensure that your car is roadworthy and legal by taking it to a garage for a summer check.

The Motor Ombudsman’s online Garage Finder will help you to locate your nearest CTSI-approved Code accredited business. You’ll be able to read reviews and find their contact details, so you can get on the road safely and be free to enjoy your trip!

Remember the motoring laws

Finally, even though they apply year-round, this blog explores 5 of the lesser-known summer driving laws that could result in fines of up to £5,000

If you’ve found this article useful, you might like to check out our top 7 easy DIY car maintenance tips for summer motoring.

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