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Introducing Car Gods: heavenly paint and interior protection for your vehicle!

Introducing Car Gods: heavenly paint and interior protection for your vehicle!

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Post date: March 4, 2024

There’s car detailing. And then there’s Car Gods custom detailing.World-class paint and interior protection now available exclusively through our dealer network.

If you’re a car fanatic, the chances are you may already be familiar with the Car Gods brand. Perhaps you might have seen it in Halfords or on Amazon, at a motorsport event or maybe on social media. But just incase you haven’t, allow us to introduce you.

Car Gods is the premium brand of Tetrosyl – Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of motoring products such, with a portfolio including CarPlan, Carlube, Nitrox and T-CUT.

Renowned for its range of 90+ handcrafted vehicle detailing products using unique patented technology to achieve the highest standards, it’s no surprise that Car Gods is one of the most trusted names in the car care world.

WSG have proudly partnered with Car Gods to bring you the best paintwork and interior protection products on the market today.

Available exclusively through our dealer network, each Car Gods application is expertly applied by trained technicians and guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

What’s more, you’ll also receive a fantastic aftercare kit containing six full size products and two premium accessories to maintain the showroom finish.

All products are made at its state-of-the-art production facility in Rochdale. The range includes the iconic Holy Water Secret Shield, Arctic Storm snow foam, Carnauba and ceramic hard waxes and even clay bars for the final finishing touches.

For the outside of your vehicle:

Car Gods uses a unique ceramic or polymeric formula for the paintwork.

When applied to the bodywork panels, these special thermodynamic coatings cure within minutes, penetrating into the paint’s micro cavities and providing a deep, mirror shine gloss.

The result is an impenetrable barrier that dirt and grime cannot stick to, guarding your vehicle against contaminants whilst prolonging the paintwork’s flawless finish.

For the inside of your vehicle:

Interior Shield is the treatment for all fabric, leather and carpets to prevent stains and UV fading.

It works by creating an invisible layer on top of the material which repels contaminants such as food and drink spillages or dirt.

Any spills will ‘bead’ on the surface so they can easily be wiped away.

What is fabric and paint protection and why do I need it?

Paint protection is essentially an invisible coating applied over the top of the car’s paintwork that serves as a protective layer. It shields the paint from the likes of acid rain, road salt, bird lime, UV rays and dirt – all of which are common and damage untreated cars.

Professional paint and interior protection products are an excellent low-maintenance way of keeping your car in tip top condition. Not only do they maintain that pristine showroom finish by safeguarding your vehicle from the elements, but they’ll also help to protect its resale value.

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