Gold car warranty

About our Gold car warranty

Available for cars up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles at the warranty start date.

As one of the UK’s best used car warranty plans, our Gold Car Warranty cover gives you outstanding protection against unexpected garage bills. Paying towards the cost of repairing or replacing around 6,000 mechanical, electrical and electronic parts – including many that other warranty companies normally exclude – your pride and joy is in safe hands.

Our recent warranty payouts

Without the protection of an excellent warranty, you could be facing repair bills like these:

Your warranty covers:

  • Air conditioning
  • Braking system
  • Casings
  • Camshaft timing belt / chains
  • Clutch
  • Coil springs and shock absorbers (replaced in pairs)
  • Cooling system
  • Diagnosis costs
  • Drive system
  • Electrical and electronic parts
  • Fuel system
  • Flywheel
  • Engine
  • Gearbox and transmission
  • Hybrid / EV electric motor, electric controller, AC / DC converter
  • Ignition system
  • Original in-car entertainment, infotainment and telephone up to £500 inc. VAT
  • Remote key fobs or key cards up to £250 inc. VAT
  • Steering system
  • Supercharger
  • Suspension
  • Turbocharger
  • Wheel hubs and bearings
  • Working materials as part of a valid claim (oils, antifreeze, fluids, oil filter changes, gaskets & seals)

What's included?

In addition to covering around 6,000 parts, our Gold car warranty includes:

  • Fast claims service and 48 hour payments
  • Unlimited claims with no excess
  • Basic breakdown cover for the same term
  • Car hire contribution & 30 days EU cover
  • Discounted windscreen repairs through Autoglass®

Gold car warranty questions


What does my Gold car warranty cover (and not cover)?

What's covered?

Gold is one of the UK's best used car warranty plans, covering around 6,000 parts against mechanical breakdown or electrical / electronic failure - including many normally excluded by other warranty providers. For each warranty claim you make, we'll pay towards repairing or replacing those parts, up to your chosen individual claim limit.

Claims include the cost of parts, labour and VAT. Please note that labour rate restrictions apply, so if you wish to use a main dealer for the repairers, you'll need to pay the difference.

What's not covered?

Naturally there are some parts and faults that neither we nor any other used car warranty can cover such as bodywork, trim, general maintenance and service items.

Click the 'View full cover' button above for the full details.


What happens if my car exceeds the age and mileage parameters?

The age and mileage parameters only apply to the vehicle at the warranty start date. If you exceed these parameters during your warranty term, don’t worry – your cover simply continues for the remainder.


How do I make a claim?

Before you have any work carried out, you must contact our claims team on 0800 060 8610 or email us. We’ll need to provide an authorisation code to the garage for the repairs to be done.

The full claims process can be found here.

Note: We won’t be able to pay for any repairs that are carried out without our authorisation.


Why is my warranty different to the above?

Some of our dealers offer customised products, so you may find that your cover is slightly different to the above. If you’d like to discuss the cover you’ve been offered, please get in touch with us or speak to your dealer.


How do I take out a WSG warranty?

You’ll need to purchase a used car from one of our approved dealerships to receive or be offered a WSG Gold car warranty. Please contact us to find out who your nearest dealers are.

In most cases, your plan can then be upgraded or extended around the start date, or renewed around the expiry date.


Do I need to use one of your garages?

In most cases, you’ll be able to choose whether you use our car repairer network or your own garage. We work directly with hundreds of garages across the UK, which also means that we settle claims with them directly.

If you use your own, please bear in mind that we have a set labour rate so any excess labour charges over and above this will be your responsibility. The garage also may want you to settle the bill first, in which case we’ll reimburse you once we’ve received the repair invoice and any documents requested.

Depending on the nature of the claim, your vehicle may need to be seen by a specialist. We also work directly with a number of repairers that specialise in systems such as turbos, gearboxes, engines, drive lines, ECUs and power steering.

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