Car Angels Cosmetic & Alloy

WSG Car Angels Tyre & Alloy programme

Alloy wheels look stunning but kerbing them is an ongoing concern. Rather than anticipating a large alloy repair expense, we can provide a terrific solution that keeps them looking immaculate!

What’s included in the programme…

Alloy wheels

  • Cover is available for all painted, powder coated, diamond cut, matte finish and powder chrome alloy wheels
  • Pays for up to 10 repairs or refurbishments to your alloy wheels during the duration of your programme as a result of damage caused by general driving. The duration of your programme is shown on your schedule
  • If the alloy is ripped, perforated, torn, cracked or distorted and cannot be repaired, we’ll pay a contribution of up to £200 (including VAT) per wheel for a replacement(s)
  • All repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle
  • Simple and fast repairs process


  • Unlimited puncture repairs (excluding run flat tyres)
  • Up to 6 replacement tyres during the duration of your programme as a result of deflation of the tyre. The duration of your programme – along with the maximum cost that we will pay up to per tyre – is shown on your schedule
  • Simple and fast repairs process

Complimentary annual inspection

As part of the service, you can request a complimentary annual inspection of your wheels and tyres from either your approved dealer or us.

An inspection will review the condition of your tyres and alloys, along with the application of any repairs or replacements as detailed in these terms and conditions.

Tyre & Alloy Wheel questions


What am I covered for?

  • Unlimited puncture repairs
  • Up to 6 replacement tyres should it not be possible to conduct a puncture repair.
  • 10 Alloy wheel refurbishments
  • A contribution of £200 towards the cost of a replacement alloy wheel where it is cracked or unrepairable


How do I make a claim?

Simply call us on 0800 060 8610 or email and we will verify you plan number and request photos to assess the damage.


How much am I covered for?

You are covered £2,000.00 worth of repairs/ refurbishments or contributions to your alloys and depending on your selected tyre plan ( £250 or £450 ), you total overall cover is either £1,500.00 or £2,700.00


Is existing damage covered?

Existing damaged is not covered under your preservation plan


How long am I protected for?

Your plan starts 30 days from your vehicle delivery date and is for a full 3 years


How do I get my vehicle repaired?

Once you have contacted us and we have assessed the damage, we will instruct a repair agent to book a visit with at a mutually convenient time to conduct an alloy wheel repair at your home or workplace. For tyres we will instruct our nationwide repair agent and authorise you to visit for the repair or replacement.

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